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Arami essentials (Glow oil) price

Arami essentials (Glow oil) Price List

You must have heard of this wonderful essentials oil known as Arami which was packaged by its founder, Ore Runsewe with the sole aim of moisturizing and in essence, glowing your skin. This category of oils are extracted manually from plants’ seeds unlike the synthetic ones used in making perfume oils.

In case you are wondering what Glow oils are, these volatile substances are rich in vitamins that reawakens and brightens your natural (God-given) complexion without risking bleaching or counterproductive skin reactions.

Another striking usefulness of this product is during winter when your skin begs to be kept hydrated at all times so as to maintain skin elasticity. All of these juicy goodness are all achieved with the help of organic plant oils which may include but not limited to Avacado pear oil, Palm Kernel oil, Olive oil, Argan seeds oil, Coconut oil, Sesame seed oil, and many more (depending on the manufacturers preference).

Arami Essentials

There are indeed many other manufacturers of these Aroma oils in Nigeria. You might be wondering what is so special about that of Arami beauty products and why we chose to give it this review. I will tell you, keep reading.

A brief look at the brand, Arami reveals that it means “your body essentials” in Yoruba which is the indigenous language of the owner in Nigeria. Ore Runsewe birthed Arami oils about Four Years ago in her bid to bring self love to reality hence the Brand’s slogan: “Your body is a Temple”, thus the need to pay more attention to the needs of ones skin, hair etc.

The oil is in essence a skincare products with its various ingredients sourced from Lushlands. It has been adopted lately by many homes and therapists in Nigeria as a massage oil, thus worth this review given to it.

The skincare products offered by Arami comes in Four kinds, namely the Glow oils, Lumi oils, Omni oils, Joy oils and Coco oils. We are going to review them one after the other so that you know what you stand to gain from each.

You can pre-order for any of these products and get them delivered to you by visiting their makers website here. Meanwhile, see the list of their cosmetics stores and determine which is closest to you for a visit.

1. Arami Glow oil

This product is actually the most sought-after skincare by this manufacturer and comes in varying sizes (usually 100ml) to suit your needs.

A Glow oil (Sweet Oud) of 100% pure nut oil goes for the price of $19 USD. It affords you a soft & moist skin, enhances hair growth, prevents skin diseases and diminishes wrinkles and stretch marks on your body.

It also has a physical exfoliant called Glow Scrub of 100ml that works with all skin types except the sensitive and oily ones. It aims to get rid of dead cells from your epidermis and in extension, smoothens the layer. It currently sells for $20 per canister.

2. Arami Lumi oil

This is a clear case of heritage ingredient carefully blended with gold dust to give your skin that smooth feel without much hassle. Some do come scented with sweet oud for conditioned skins.

Not only that, Lumi oils also have its own Shea based moisturiser known as Lumi butter that works with Lumi oil to fade scars, softens and illuminate the skin and reduces wrinkles. Each of these butters of 100ml costs $22.

3. Arami Omni oil

This is more like an all in one food for your skin, thus the name Omni given to it. It has ingredients sourced from Jojoba, Argan and Shea oil. As expected, it can be used in your Bath water, Beard, on your Skin and Hair.

It does a similar job of moisturizing, smoothening and enriching the surfaces it is placed on like the ones listed above and in addition, it puts itchy scalp and dandruff in check, protects your skin and hair from direct sun rays and more. You can’t afford to miss out on the dazzling feel it gives you after each application. Each canister is sold for $27 – $40 USD depending on whether it is 100ml or 250ml you order for.

4. Arami Joy oil

Just like the name, this oil brings a lot of Joy from its healing effects. A volatile luxurious oil mixed with dried hibiscus. It was Formulated with shea oil, squalane oil, and rosemary and frankincense essential oils so as to encourage cell regeneration, reawaken the true but brighter skin color and improve diminishment of scars as a faster healing response.

Joy oils currently sells for the price of $29 USD per bottle.

5. Arami Coco oils

These are oils extracted from locally produced Coconut. It has proven to be rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Nevertheless, care should be taken when using these Coco oils as it can block sweat pores due to its comedogenic nature. Acne-prone skins should note this.

The good news is that this oil has a versatile use case therefore can always be applied on your skins, teeth, lips and hairs.  The same work it does for the price of $20 USD. Unlike other oils, it helps to completely remove the damaging effects of makeup applied on the face.

Other Beauty products by Arami

It will be incomplete to discuss these oils without talking about their accompanying soaps, creams and other substances used along with it. Below is a brief description and price list of these other Beauty products offered by this brand.

Skincare Price Detail
Purity Mask ₦6,600 An exfoliating and detoxifying clay mask for your face
Eden’s Elixir $28 – $42 Saturates skin with rosewater and aloe vera extract, calming irritation to reveal petal-soft skin
Ivory Butter $22 It can come as Rose or Vanilla
Onyx Light ₦3,600 A Clarifying liquid black soap for the skin and hair
Onyx Polish $22 A Clarifying body soap for the face and body


In Conclusion

Reviews available online so far testify that Arami essentials work best when a number of them are used religiously for 2 – 3 times each day for a couple of days.

It is important you know that while applying these oil in your showers or bathtubs, it may result in slippery floors and may cause trip and fall, so use it gently.

For first time users, it is always recommended that you do a patch test by applying it on a part of your body first so as to check if its irritating to you or not.

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