About Ekulo Group of Companies, Contact & Address

Plot 1401B , Tiamiyu Savage Street 106104, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

The company known as Ekulo Group of Companies started as a one-man business back in 1980 with the name E.C. Okonkwo & Brothers. However, it later got incorporated as a fully-registered Nigerian company in 1984 as Ekulo.

The portfolio of Ekulo group now includes over 6 gigantic and successful companies years after humble beginnings of its CEO, owner known as Bishop Okonkwo who rose from just a local trader in Onitsha to an admired entrepreneur and a recognized importer and exporter amidst all odds.

Some of these member companies operating under the name Ekulo include:

  • Ekulo Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Evans Industries Limited
  • Ekulo International Limited
  • Ekulo Foods Limited
  • Ekulo Distribution USA
  • Ekulo Wine World
  • Ekulo Tradefair Plaza
  • Ekulo Farms

Meanwhile, some of the products produced by these businesses so far are mainly household items and they include: Five alive, Beverages, Food, Cosmetics and Stationeries.

Between 1989 to 1991, Ekulo introduced Eva wine, a non alcoholic fruit wine which later became a household name the beverage market.

Moving on to 1992, the company registered it’s manufacturing arm – Evans Industries Ltd which was tasked with making of soaps such as Eva, Gino, Hawaii, Meditol, Unik and Blossom Light.